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Online Superfood Orders Shipped FREE!
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ABC News recently covered a story “Orange Juice’s ‘Secret Ingredient’ Worries Some Health-Minded Moms.” The story revealed that after oranges are picked they are squeezed, pasteurized (boiled) and placed in aseptic storage, which involves stripping the juice of oxygen in a process called "deaeration," and then kept in million-gallon tanks for up to a year. After being held in tanks for up to a year, the oranges lose their entire flavor and then must be reinvigorated (brought back from the dead) with flavor packs, which are essentially chemicals. This is the “normal” process for all premium orange juices and companies are not required to put this on their labeling. Consumers have the false impression that pasteurized orange juice is not heated or treated because it has a nice picture of an orange on the carton. Consumers are not informed. The story also revealed the hidden dangers of many other bottled juices. Consumer Reports recently tested over 80 random juice samples and found ‘troubling’ levels of arsenic and lead in many of them; higher levels than the government allows for drinking water. There is currently no regulation or set standard for bottled juice.

*What we offer What others offer
Powerful Concentratesi.e. 4:1, 5:1 Ground and/or dried fruit & vegetable powders
Raw products Heavily processed products
All natural products no added ingredients Additives, preservatives, artificial flavors & colors, etc.
Chemical free products Chemicals like ethyl butyrate
Fresh products Vintage food products stored for up to one year or more
Pesticide free products Pesticide tainted products
Non-pasteurized products Pasteurized/boiled products
Certified USDA organic products Non-organic products-herbicides and/or chemical fertilizers used
Tested for heavy metals-raw materials that don’t meet strict quality standards are rejected Products containing high levels of heavy metals including arsenic & lead
Tested for contaminants Non-tested products

Organic Pecan Halves

Raw Organic Cracked
Cell Chlorella Powder
Super 7 Raw Organic
Greens Extract Blend
Organic Spirulina
Extract Powder
Freeze Dried Cranberry
Extract Powder

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We do not guarantee product taste. We are in the business of selling SuperFoods that deliver maximum nutrition; many of which do not taste great. Since everyone's taste buds are different, we cannot guarantee that a product's taste will be to your liking.

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